Examples of Momento Screens
flow model
Momento initial research ideas
Momento Personas
Momento Personas
Momento Personas
First Iteration of Momento
Momento Second Round
Sender's Second Iteration of Momento
Momento Second Round
Receiver's Second Iteration of Momento
Momento Final Round
Home Screen & Placing a Momento
MOMENTO! Mementos in the moment!
Role: UX Designer

Skills: User Research, Personas, Low-to-High Fidelity Prototyping, Style Guide Creation

Momento is a location-based mobile application that allows you to spontaneously connect with people in your life, no matter where they are. Tag and personalize any location in the world to create your own personal momento. You can tag your friends too. When they are close by, they’ll receive an alert that you’ve shared a momento in that area. When they find it, you’ll be notified that your momento has been discovered. Leave memorable photos, messages, and even gifts! Connect with your friends and family at a new location, even if you are miles apart. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a momento from your loved ones in your neighborhood next?

Momento was a team project done for an Interaction Design course, where we were tasked with designing a mobile application to initially help moms connect with their children, which we later expanded to also include communication among friends.

Visualization of Final Momento Concept

We started out our process with some user research, interviewing moms and college-age kids in order to understand our target demographic. Our research helped us create clusters of initial ideas, focusing initially on the themes of what moms want to know about their kids: "Are You Okay?", seeing photos, knowing what they want for gifts, and their basic daily habits. We further developed to come up with our final idea, Momento, which uses location to allow people to connect through sharing messages, images, videos or gifts.

We eventually decided to focus on college kids and their moms, who are often separated by greater distance. Moms want to stay in touch with their kids but not overwhelm them, and kids like receiving gifts and sharing common interests with their family and friends. Therefore we created three personas, two of college-aged kids, one who usually uses social networks for friends, and one who is never quite sure what to say to his parents. The third persona is a mom who wants to stay in contact with her children without being too overbearing.

We continued to develop our app through several iterations of wireframes, starting with lo-fi paper prototypes, moving to mid-fi Balsamiq prototypes, and finally several iterations of higher-fi Photoshop prototypes to create our final design.

Initially we emphasized the gamification aspects of "finding a momento", where the mom would send a "momento" to her child, selecting a location that would be meaningful. When the kid got within a certain radius, an alert would appear, followed by cold and hot screens until they reached their final destination and unlocked the momento.

Momento Colors
Third Iteration of Momento
Third Iteration of Momento

As we moved through the iterations, we focused less on the gamified aspects (fearing that could get tiresome and annoying for the user), and more on the theme of creating memories and gifts for each other. With this, as we created our design language, we focused on earthy colors and a scrapbook feel to our theme. Seen below are examples of our final screens, illustrating creating and receiving a momento.

You have a new Momento! & Receiving a Momento