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Communication Flow Model
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Improving Church Communication
Role: UX Designer

Skills: User Research, Modeling, Affinity Diagramming, HTML Prototyping, Usability Testing

This independent project was the final culmination of our User Research and Evaluation Methods course, which provided us the opportunity to gain experience with user research and evaluation methods by conducting independent research to improve a process with technology. My research focused on a staff’s communication with members at a local church in order to help improve church attendance.

In terms of research, I performed interviews and contextual inquiries in order to discover breakdowns and potential issues within my chosen topic. After the initial research, I performed analysis with models, affinity diagrams, and competitive analysis in order to uncover issues within the process of communicating with members to create the most effective solution.

affinity diagram
Affinity Diagram

The communication flow model (shown to the left) helped to understand where potential breakdowns were occurring in conveying information effectively to employees and church members. The cultural model aided in showing the different influences that the employees and members of the church experience. The physical model illustrated potential breakdowns in communication caused by the layout of the church. The artifact model examined the current email product used by the church and illustrated present breakdowns.

usability testing
Usability Testing

After research and analysis, I then created an html prototype entitled “The Writing on the Wall” that provided church-themed templates and allowed church employees to tailor emails specifically towards members’ interests. This prototype streamlined the process for church employees as well as helped church members to receive the information they want and need. In terms of evaluation, I performed heuristic evaluation and think-alouds to improve upon my final prototype. Overall, individuals found the new system easier and clearer to use, but would like more clarification when sending to individuals within a family who have different interests and a little more flexiblity with the templates.