Glutteny E-Magazine
Role: UX Designer

Skills: User Research, Paper Prototyping, Balsamiq Prototyping

Glutteny was a group project where the goal was to design the layout and design for an iPad e-magazine that catered to a certain demographic. Our team chose to design for those individuals allergic to gluten that still have a sweet tooth. After narrowing our audience, we created individual personas in order to tailor the magazine towards our chosen tech-savvy readers.

Design Language

We used moodboards in order to develop a design language and layout to create a cohesive final product. We really wanted to emphasize bright, bold colors, particularly warm colors such as red, orange, and purple. We felt those bright colors helped in creating the playful feel we wanted. In our design language we also wanted large photos because this is a dessert magazine, as well as something fluid, easy to use and read, and fun for those who don't usually get the chance to eat or make a lot of desserts.

In creating the final product, we went through a variety of iterations, starting with paper sketches and moving through a series of more highly-developed screens to finally arrive at our final design. Here you can see an intermediate sketch I did while we were still determining our final design language. This iteration focused on circles and warm colors.

Intermediate Sketch

The final design emphasized a bright, fun color palette with large images to emphasize the playful nature of the magazine while focusing on the important elements of the magazine: the images and recipes. To further capitalize on the playful nature of the magazine while using the strengths of the iPad, we designed the magazine to have vertical pages with a large photo and an introduction to the recipe, from which the user would “Rotate to Bake!” to get the full recipe on a horizontal page. I focused on creating the final Menu (Table of Contents) page, pictured above, and the two pages for "Sparkling Oranges". With the Menu page, we wanted to use circles to evoke the idea of each dessert being on a "plate". We then brought back the circle metaphor with making the photos of the dessert look circular and adding icons for time, degree of difficulty, and number of servings.

Below are examples of several of the other pages in the Glutteny E-Magazine.

horizontal oranges
Horizontal "Sparkling Oranges" Page
Vertical "Sparkling Oranges" Page
horizontal oranges
"Apple-Crisp Baked Apples" Page
"Pear Cranberry Crisp" Page