High-level view of the previous freelancer onboarding flow in production
Initial wizard flow idea - Job suggestions show value from the beginning of the flow.
Second round of WYSIWYG Profile Editor
Freelancer Empathy Map
Gated Design Flow
Improving Freelancer Onboarding

Role: UX Designer

Skills: User Research, Wireframing, UX Design, HTML Prototyping, Usability Testing

The goal of this project was to design a clearer onboarding experience for new freelancers that would reduce freelancer confusion and customer support questions as well as increase profile and application quality. I worked with project managers, product marketing, and the community and education teams to create an improved experience.

User research indicated that freelancers were unsure of how to create a competitive profile, they didn't know what their next steps should be, and they didn't understand how the site works. To visualize the current experience for freelancers, I created an "empathy map" which indicated the pages/steps of the flow, the emotion/engagement at each point, current breakdowns, and the length of time it took for each part of the experience.

Focusing on the results gained from research, I designed a stepped and gated flow - showing freelancers what steps they need to take to get started working. Through collaboration with the PM and Education teams, we came up with the content for several "getting started" videos.

To get feedback from users about the designs, I conducted usability testing with an html prototype I created and had 7 freelancers talk aloud as they went through the flow. From the usability testing, 4 themes emerged, which inspired a new design where the freelancer answers just a few questions before they start seeing relevant jobs and can apply.

Final Design

The design is currently part of the future roadmap but has not yet been developed. Please contact me for more information about the flow and design process of this project.