Original design
Whiteboarding initial concepts with the PM
Initial Balsamiq wireframe mockups
Final Design of the End of Week Email
End of Week Email
Role: UX Designer

Skills: User Research, Wireframing, UX Design, HTML Prototyping, Usability Testing

The End of Week email is one of the primary ways that clients keep aware of their freelancer activities for the week. This email is sent to each client once a week and is one of the most valuable emails that helps clients manage work. However, we were not getting the most of this valuable touch point with users. This project focused on facilitating communication and encouraging best practice behavior, while also complementing the Reports homepage.

To understand what was important to clients in such an email, I conducted a survey on what was working and not working about the current End of Week email as well as individually speaking with clients about what was important and valuable to them.

Before starting to create designs, I did a competitive analysis of other summary emails to see what worked well for other companies, particularly in how they visually conveyed information.

Initial sketch

After starting out with design sketches, I moved to higher-fidelity designs. In the end, I completed 4 rounds of designs, paired with usability testing with each new design iteration to uncover what information was valuable to clients as well as what visuals or other information we should provide. In total, I spoke to 22 clients over 4 rounds of testing.

Design for new clients which highlights the Work Diary

The final designs had two variations - one for new clients that provided education about using oDesk and more visualizations and one for clients who had been on the platform for a while which provided more detailed information about what their freelancers were doing.

I delivered the final designs as complete html prototypes - so that it was easier for the developers to get started. They were then developed in an agile environment.