Children outside a Scottish cinema
Typical Interior of a Theatre
Scottish Cinema Culture

For this project, I worked for the National Museum of Scotland in cataloguing one of their collections and performing independent research based on the collection. I catalogued the collection of photos, letters, and other materials which focused on Scotland and the cinema. This project gave me the opportunity to do a variety of retrospective user research by examining first-person accounts of individuals' memories of cinema-going. Children, like the ones pictured to the left, would be woken up early by their parents to stand in line for the matinees. From these accounts, I was able to gain a stronger understanding of people's emotional connection to cinema culture than one could have gained merely through secondary research. Stories emerged such as paying for a ticket with a lemonade bottle or possibly a jam jar and the excitement at the emergence of mobile cinemas in remote parts of Scotland, painting a real picture of twentieth-century Scots.

In addition to this wealth of information, I also gained a full understanding of the Scottish cinema realm through researching periodicals and magazines of the time. While cataloguing, I explored different areas of the topic to expand upon the collection by performing independent research into what made Scottish cinema and cinema-going distinctive. I also provided ways for the National Museum to move forward with research in this area for a future museum exhibition.

This research into Scottish cinema culture gave me experience with ethnographic research and allowed me to gain increasing experience in understanding cultural senstivity and in thinking about what information to convey and to do so effectively for a certain audience, skills that translate well to designing many different types of UX experiences.