Value Flow Diagram
boon wireframes
Wireframes Showing Rewards
boon screens
Final Screens
boon wireframes
Technical Workflow
Boon! A Mobile Loyalty Program for Small Businesses
Role: UX Designer

Skills: User Research, Paper Prototyping, Balsamiq Prototyping

Boon! is a mobile application we designed as a team project for the course Designing Mobile Services. The app we designed is Boon!, a mobile loyalty program to help local businesses meaningfully engage their customers through social networking and providing unique incentives.

We wanted to focus our app on helping local businesses and communities. Therefore, we performed user research by interviewing owners and employees around the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh in order to get a sense of how they currently connect with customers and compete with larger chains as well as possible pain points in their interactions.

We went through several iterations in developing our final concept, creating value diagrams to determine the monetary value for the various stakeholders, and performing a SET analysis, determining the potential social, economic, and technological values.

boon wireframes
Social Network Wireframes

We then split up the group into focusing on the user experience for the customer and the experience, technical workflow, and predicted profits for the small business owners, where the employers would update their rewards from a web portal. I focused on the user experience for the customer (which is a mobile application) and created the wireframes in Balsamiq seen here. We wanted the experience for the store customer to be easy and fun to use. Therefore, we created an experience that would promote store loyalty by allowing the customer to receive unique rewards (usually non-monetary) and to share this information and compete with their friends.

boon money
Monetary Breakdown

We then created a series of use cases to illustrate potential uses and calculated the potential costs and profits of such a mobile application in order to market it effectively to potential investors. We chose a low price to make it disruptive, compared to all the other existing loyalty programs. We also detailed the technical workflow, connecting to Facebook, servers, and the web portal used by the employer.