Uncovering an archaeo-classical wall of the sanctuary
Examining artifacts
Uncovering Artemis in Cyprus: Archaeological Research

For this project, I worked with the Athienou Archaeological Project in Malloura, Cyprus, working on uncovering an archaeoclassical sanctuary. I worked as a trench supervisor, uncovering walls, pottery, and other artifacts, recording findings, and writing the final report for the trench.

In addition, after finding several statuettes of Artemis at the site, I performed additional research for the Project to support the hypothesis that the sanctuary was for Artemis and Apollo. To do this, I worked in the local museum, examining artifacts uncovered over the past few years to try and determine their provenance more closely. Specifically, I examined various statuettes to determine if they had characteristics of Artemis, such as the quiver or hunting animal at her side, and was able to identify several that met these characteristics.

This work allowed me to do ethnographic research and forced me to really try to understand a different culture based merely on what they had left behind and the tools and objects they used and lived with, a skill that can be translated well to the goal of understanding a user's thought processes based on a certain task in user experience research and design.