CONTACT ME: rajakab@gmail.com
When designing, I'm happiest solving challenging UX problems and creating dynamic UX experiences based in strong user research.

As a UX designer at Upwork, I'm most passionate about solving usability issues while making sure I'm continually speaking to the user, whether it's gathering feedback through the website or through research or usability testing sessions.

I have always loved the study of people and how they influence and are influenced by the material culture around them, whether that object is a coffee table, a dress, or a computer. With this passion, I studied history and classics, spending time in the Greek and Roman sites of Europe as well as on archaeological digs in Cyprus. Wanting to understand more how objects affect an individual's life led me to hang up my fedora and pursue a Masters in Material and Visual Cultures of the Past at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where I worked at the National Museum of Scotland and researched the influence of American culture on Britain through Hollywood’s films during WWII for my dissertation.

To combine my background of research and understanding people with technology, I completed a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. I'm constantly striving to find new ways to use design to improve people's lives and experiences with technology.