First iterations of designs as part of the freelancer onboarding flow
List of some of the different usecases
Final designs before rebranding occurred
Excerpt of a punchlist given to developers in the rebranding phase
Phone & ID Verification

Role: UX Designer

Skills: Wireframing, UX Design, QA
Worked with: Product, Trust & Safety, Product Marketing

This project incorporated phone and ID verification into the onboarding experience for new freelancers and clients. The goals were to improve trust and job success as well as give clients confidence in hiring.

The implementation of this project required incorporating an existing third-party UI to do the actual ID verification as well as providing comfort for freelancers that their sensitive information was both safe and necessary for a trustworthy community.

Selected pages of rebranded design

Because this feature did create a new step before freelancers could get started applying to jobs, it was released under a QT and scaled up slowly. This also allowed us to fix any bugs that appeared in the experience as well as evaluate any additional pressure it put on our Trust & Safety team in processing manual approvals.